Why Did Jelly Roll Go To Jail (2023)

1. Jelly Roll on His Prison Sentence and How Fatherhood Changed Him

  • Jun 1, 2023 · Jelly Roll was facing a potential 20-year sentence, though he ultimately served over a year for the charge, followed by more than seven years of ...

  • Ahead of new album Whitsitt Chapel, the artist covers Billboard’s Country Power Players issue.

2. Why Did Jelly Roll Spend Time in Jail? Here's the Full Scoop

  • May 30, 2023 · According to Billboard, Jelly Roll's issues with the law started when he was just in his teens. The singer was charged with robbery as a teen, ...

  • Why did Jelly Roll spend time in jail? The country singer has opened up about his past and how the experience changed his life. Details here.

3. Jelly Roll Shares a Prison Story That Has Us Rolling! - Taste of Country

  • Aug 10, 2023 · Why Did Jelly Roll Go to Jail? ... Jelly Roll says he went to jail 40 times, mostly for drug-related crimes or petty robbery. At 16 he was charged ...

  • Behind bars, he had to get creative.

4. Jelly Roll - Zydeco

  • Catching his first case at age 14, Jelly would endure an ongoing cycle of incarceration until 2009 which would include intent to distribute cocaine charges and ...

  • Checking in at six feet one inches and over 350 pounds, not to mention covered in tattoos, it’s impossible to ignore Jason “Jelly Roll” DeFord in a room. And that’s before his booming country-twanged voice enters the conversation. “I’m just a regular fat piece of white trash with some real people that relate,” he loudly explains with a wide grin, sending everyone else within earshot into riotous laughter. For the 27-year-old Jelly, a nickname he picked up from his mother and kept to honor an incarcerated friend, humor has always been a way to cope with the struggle he would go through in life. Growing up in the rougher areas of Nashville, TN, particularly the Southside city known as Antioch, Jelly got an early taste for street life and fast cash. “I’ve always joked that Antioch is the cultural melting pot the government uses to test how different ethnicities live together in a lower and middle class area,” He laughs referring to the city’s racially diverse, albeit economically bleak make up.Captivated by the gritty rhymes of local legends such as Pistol, Quanie Cash, Haystak, and Kool Daddy Fresh, it wasn’t long before the music would mirror Jelly Roll’s personal life. Catching his first case at age 14, Jelly would endure an ongoing cycle of incarceration until 2009 which would include intent to distribute cocaine charges and multiple probation violations.Continuing to soak up the sounds from southern artists such as UGK, 8ball & MJG, Three 6 Mafia, Chamillionare and Paul Wall, it was during these particularly dark times that Jelly would turn to crafting his own rhymes as a therapeutic means to deal with his trials and tribulations: “My music is all based on emotions and stories from my life as well as people around me. I want to convey to people the power of faith and perseverance and I hope that it helps them to find a light in whatever darkness they may be going through in there life.” In the summer of 2010, Jelly Roll’s “Pop Another Pill” collaboration with Memphis luminary Lil Wyte would go on to garner over 1 million YouTube views. This viral sensation lead to the SNO group album Year-Round released on Hypnotized Minds in April 2011, a project executive-produced by Oscar winners DJ Paul and Juicy J. Jelly continued his successful 2011 campaign by releasing Gambling On A Whiteboy 4 during the summer and combining his talents with Haystak for the successful Strictly Business joint-album in November. His unique combination of introspection, melody, and punchlines has struck a chord with an ever-growing nationwide fan base and continues to impress. In between new projects, Jelly still finds time to volunteer at and provide financial backing for the local SuCO Boxing & MMA gym to help provide disadvantaged youth with a place to take part in positive activities. “My ultimate goal is to touch and reach people and have a voice of influence with the youth of today, he reveals. “I know that sounds like the opposite of what I’m aiming for by the content of some of my bigger songs, but the real purpose will shine through in the end. Helping people and life in general is a marathon, not a 40-yard-dash.” Spoken like someone who has truly been through the fire, its evident Jelly Roll is on a path to even greater acclaim- and that means a greater change for the world.

5. Why was Jelly Roll in prison? Singer opens up about troubled past - HITC

  • Apr 3, 2023 · Jelly received his first prison sentence at the age of 14 for theft charges and when he turned 18 he spent two years for armed robbery charges.

  • Before rising to fame, the country star was in and out of jail during his teenage years and early 20s - why was Jelly Roll in prison?

6. Jelly Roll Opens Up About His Time in Prison: “I Regret It Every Day”

  • May 22, 2023 · Despite his freedom, he confessed that he carries the burden with him every day. He spent his young adult years incarcerated, missing out on ...

  • ABC News will release the documentary 'Jelly Roll: Save Me' on May 30. Ahead of the premiere, the artist revealed details about his felony.

7. Who is Jelly Roll? What is his real name? Does he have any children?

  • Apr 3, 2023 · According to Everything Nash, he also spent time in prison for aggravated robbery and drug possession with intent to deliver. Jelly Roll spent ...

  • Jelly Roll won Male Video of the Year, Male Breakthrough Video of the Year, and Digital-First Performance of the Year at the CMT Awards 2023

8. 5 Facts you didn't know about rapper JellyRoll - Reader's Digest

  • Apr 11, 2022 · Jelly Roll has so many face tattoos is because he spent a few years in prison. During his teenage years and early twenties, DeFord was in and ...

  • Want to get to know more about the lives of your favourite rappers? You need our expert advice and knowledge about who’s who in the industry.

9. Why Did Jelly Roll Go to Prison? - PrisonsInfo

  • Jun 13, 2023 · Jelly Roll was involved in the drug trade, which ultimately led to his arrest and incarceration. However, it was during his time in prison that ...

  • Why Did Jelly Roll Go to Prison? In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about Jelly Roll.

10. Jelly Roll Opens Up About Becoming a Father While in Prison and How ...

  • Jun 1, 2023 · Jelly's daughter, now 15 years old, was born on May 22, 2008. It's one year older than Jelly was when, at 14 years old in 1999, he was ...

  • The country star gets candid in a new interview ahead of his 'Whitsitt Chapel' release.

11. Who is Jelly Roll? Why Did Jelly Roll Go to Jail? Where ... - Fresherslive

  • Jul 19, 2023 · At the age of 23, Jelly Roll found himself imprisoned for engaging in dealing in illegal things. However, everything changed for him on May 22, ...

  • Jelly Roll is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter known for his introspective lyrics and diverse musical style. Previously incarcerated for dealing in illegal things, he turned his life around with his powerful storytelling and soulful performances.  

12. Was Jelly Roll in Jail? Why was Jelly Roll in Jail? How long was Jelly ...

  • May 17, 2023 · Jelly Roll, a former convict, spent time in prison for various offenses, including aggravated robbery and drug possession. He left his life of ...

  • Was Jelly Roll in jail? We provide the reasons behind his arrest, the duration of his time in jail, and any additional pertinent details surrounding rapper Jelly Roll's case.

13. Why did Jelly Roll go to prison? - Famous People Today

  • Jul 17, 2023 · Spending a total of 12 years in prison in his younger years gave Jelly Roll a lot of time to think—and to soak up the rap styles of artists like ...

  • Why did Jelly Roll go to prison? Does rapper Jelly Roll have anxiety? Here's what fans want to know about the rapper.

14. 'I can't wait to see you': Jelly Roll promises Flint visit to perform at jail ...

  • Aug 28, 2023 · Jelly Roll went from inmate to superstar - that's why Genesee County sheriff is on a mission to get him to Flint's jail, to perform. FOX 2 (WJBK) ...

  • Country music's Jelly Roll went from inmate to superstar. That’s why the Genesee County sheriff is on a mission to get him to Flint’s jail, to perform.

15. Country singer Jelly Roll plans to visit Genesee Co. jail inmates - WNEM

  • Aug 28, 2023 · Jelly Roll, whose real ...

  • Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson has caught the attention of country music singer Jelly Roll.

16. Jelly Roll - After sitting in prison for five years literally my best ... - Facebook

  • Jun 14, 2016 · ... was finally released earlier this year. Unfortunately he was trapped ... Yo jelly come back to Kentucky so we can rock out together like last ...

  • After sitting in prison for five years literally my best friend of the last 12 years was finally released earlier this year. Unfortunately he was trapped...

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