Where was Baywatch filmed? (2023)

Where was Baywatch filmed? (1)

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Where was Baywatch filmed? (2) City Locations

Will Rogers State Beach, CA; Venice Beach; Honolulu, Hawaii (TV Series), Deerfield Beach, Florida (2017 film)

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Beach, Hotel/Resort, American, Beach/Oceanview

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Beachfront, Beach House, Luxury Hotel, Modern Building, Truck Style

About Baywatch

Baywatch was one of the most popular television series of the 1990s, running eleven seasons between 1989 and 1999. Also, the series had a spin-off titled Baywatch Hawaii that ran for two years. Baywatch was also adapted for the big screen in 2017, that cast the popular actor and athlete Dwayne “Rock” Johnson.

Baywatch was quite popular for many reasons, one of those reasons being its star-studded cast. Pamela Anderson, David Hasselhoff, Yasmine Bleeth, and Parker Stevenson all held starring roles in the television series.

Baywatch, as a series, examined the professional and personal lives of its main characters. Plots might introduce possible problems that could occur on the beach. However, lifeguard Mitch Buchannon was portrayed as a successful single father. Other plot topics included earthquakes and sharks.

The Baywatch series was actually canceled by NBC after one season; however, it became very popular through syndication. The series was eventually renewed, and it became one of the most-watched series of the 90s.

Baywatch became a fixture in pop culture as well. On Friends, Joey and Chandler watched the series together religiously. David Hasselhoff had a cameo appearance in The Spongebob Squarepants Movie. The red swimsuits of the series are a pop culture icon. In the film Borat, the lead character is obsessed with Pamela Anderson, and he has mistakenly assumed all of America is like the California beach.

Baywatch was adapted for film in 2017. Although the series was considered an action-drama show, the film is more of a comedy. Along with Johnson, teen heartthrob Zac Efron stars in the film as well. In fact, Efron’s character is a bit of a foil. While Johnson’s Mitch is serious, Efron’s Matt Brody is a hothead who doesn’t play by the rules.

The film would gross $177.4 million at the box office.

Baywatch Locations

Will Rogers State Beach was the primary filming location of Baywatch. The Baywatch production sites are all over California, but the beach is located on Santa Monica Bay, in the Pacific Palisades suburb of Los Angeles.

The Will Rogers State Beach offers facilities for playing volleyball and gymnastic equipment. There is a playground within the location, and the area is popular with local surfers. Many of the Baywatch action scenes have been shot nearby.

Many movies in addition to Baywatch have been filmed on the Will Rogers Beach, named for the famed actor. Rogers once owned much of the property surrounding the beach. The lifeguard headquarters was once a California Historical Landmark, which was a part of the Port of Los Angeles Long Wharf.

To get to Will Rogers State Beach from the center of Los Angeles, simply get on the I-10 freeway to Santa Monica. In a personal vehicle, the drive is about 35 minutes. Tourists may also take a bus or tram to the Will Rogers State Beach; you’ll leave from the station at 7th and Figueroa Street.

The Baywatch film was shot chiefly at Deerfield Beach, Florida with some scenes in Boca Raton. Deerfield Beach is in Broward County, and the city is just south of the Palm Beach County line. Major cities in Broward County include Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood. To get to Deerfield Beach, one would take I-95 from the Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood Airport.

Fun fact:

During each month of filming the television series Baywatch, at least 40 bottles of sunscreen were used by those on set.

The big boy competition scene in Baywatch

Deerfield Beach, FL

Where was Baywatch filmed? (5)

Zac Efron’s character Matt Brody and DeWayne Johnson’s Mitch have been competing since they both showed up on the beach. Mitch challenges Matt to a Big Boy competition, which involves an obstacle course on the beach.

Initially, Brody works through a course that offers heavy weights, climbing obstacles, a swinging rope, and a ninja-style obstacle. Brody, who is quite fit, moves through this course easily. However, he soon learns that this isn’t the Big Boy course - not at all.

At the real course, which is more like you would see in a strong man competition, Mitch easily maneuvers through the obstacles. They include a tractor tire race competition, moving two refrigerators that are attached with a bar, and a pull-up bar. Each time Mitch completes an obstacle, he rings a ship’s bell to signify his win. Already worn out from the initial, ninja-style competition obstacles, Brody can’t complete the pull-up bar portion of the Big Boy competition course.

Seeing Brody is defeated, Mitch tells him, "You were showboating. You want to be a lifeguard; you have to conserve your energy." Brody might be taken down a notch by Mitch’s competition, but the pair will begin working together as a result. This is one of the best scenes in Baywatch, the movie.

Visitors to Deerfield Beach may get to this film shoot location after a short drive from the Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport, about 25 minutes via I-95. If you are taking public transport, the Tri-Rail Metro will get you to where you need to be.

Opening scene in Baywatch

Boca Raton Inlet, Boca Raton, Fl

Where was Baywatch filmed? (6)

Far from the slow-running opening scene of the television series is the opening Baywatch film scene. Viewers are introduced to the beautiful scenery and fun things to do on this Florida location, including parasailing, surfing, and swimming in the pristine blue waters.

DeWayne Johnson as Mitch makes his first rescue during this opening scene, and Mitch makes it look quite easy. We see Mitch dive into those clear blue waters and surface near a seemingly lifeless body. Mitch utilizes a lifebuoy to tether the individual to him, and then he swims with the person to the beach. An onlooker, amazed by the rescue, tells Mitch, "You make it look so easy!"

Mitch is introduced as a friendly, well-liked member of the beach community. He speaks with surfers, a security guard, and a few people along the beach.

In contrast, Matt Brody is introduced as a good-looking guy with an attitude. He introduces himself to one of his fellow lifeguards by asking her on a date (she shoots him down). Brody then meets Mitch for the first time. Mitch tells Matt, "If you’re going to be on this team, you’re going to earn it."

Brody soon reveals why he is so cocky - he’s a former Olympic swimmer. However, Mitch and the other lifeguards aren’t really impressed. This sets up the conflict for the rest of the film.

This Baywatch film scene can be found just off Highway 1 in Boca Raton, Florida. You can reach it by car, taxi, bus, or metro. The Tri-Rail Metro and buses 1, 48, 70, 88, and 92 will all get you to the area so you can explore.

Trevor shows why he is a great lifeguard scene in Baywatch

Will Rogers State Beach, 17000 CA-1, Pacific Palisades, CA

Where was Baywatch filmed? (7)

Trevor, one of the regular lifeguards at the beach, has become taken with a beautiful socialite whose father believes Trevor is just another of the hired help. The young woman’s father has allowed her to see Trevor, but the elder man is planning to create a scenario in which Trevor doesn’t seem so attractive to his daughter anymore.

The father invites Trevor on his yacht, where Trevor is dressed in a tuxedo and partying with the elite property owners of the area. When the elder man embarrasses Trevor in front of his daughter and the others on the boat, he tells the young lady, "See? This is what happens when you hang out with the hired help." The father offers him $60, what he says must be a day’s pay as a lifeguard.

In an effort to show that Trevor is a great lifeguard, Trevor’s girlfriend leaps into Santa Monica Bay fully clothed. She entices Trevor to save her, and her father encourages Trevor to do so. Trevor calls for a lifebuoy and begins stripping off the fancy clothes. He realizes his girlfriend is sinking, so he tells her to remove her shoes, shirt, and pants. Trevor jumps in and brings the girl to safety. In the end, the father must admit that Trevor is a good lifeguard, and he takes back his statement firing Trevor.

To see this Baywatch filming location, you will need to make your way to the East Pacific Coast Highway at Temescal Canyon Road near Temescal Canyon Park. If you are not driving yourself, you can reach Will Rogers State Beach by bus using Bus 534 or 602. Or the Metro E Line (Expo), Metro J Line Silver 950, or the Topanga Canyon Beach Bus.


Baywatch as a series has had an indelible impact on popular culture in both America and abroad. Visitors flock to gorgeous locations such as Will Rogers State Beach to be able to say they have traversed the same sandy beaches as the Baywatch crew.

However, the entire park as well as the Santa Monica Bay are beautiful locales to visit any time of year. The weather is always nice, and getting to Pacific Palisades, where the state beach is located, is just a short drive from the LAX airport.

Some may wish to visit the Deerfield Beach location where the 2017 film version of Baywatch was shot. From tourist haven Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach is a short drive via personal vehicle. Tourists can check out nearby Boca Raton or Coral Springs.

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