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Bitlife game contains everything the real world has to offer in a portable electronic device. There is nothing you cannot do in the game, from rising to fame as a YouTuber to getting your own ranch and buying a car. The game also features jails if you chose to take the wrong route and go wild committing crimes. In Bitlife, there are three different types of jails you can get out of: maximum security, minimum security, and standard security prisons. Depending on the crime you commit, you will spend time in jail. However, neither of these prisons is really enjoyable, so you will undoubtedly want to escape. However, breaking out of jail is no easy task. Thus, we have put all of the jail maps in Bitlife and instructions for escaping from prison here to spare you from serving some time in jail.

Bitlife Prison Escape

There is always a potential that you will be arrested after committing a crime. If this occurs, you have a few choices: try to escape, try to pay the officers, insult them, or remain silent. Running away has a rather low probability of success, but if you have a lot of money in the bank and don’t want to lose it through the legal system, it might be your only choice. However, keep in mind that if your attempts to bribe or elude cops fail, you will still be charged with further offenses in court.

You will be informed of which prison you will be sent to and for how long if you are found guilty. You are highly constrained in what you can do in your cell after that. You can write letters, join gangs, and cry while you’re incarcerated, but activities like working are severely restricted.

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One security guard is playing checkers with you, and he will move twice for every move you make. He won’t merely make two motions in any direction; instead, he will make those motions in your direction, beginning horizontally. Your punishment for trying to flee will be extended by a few years if the guard manages to catch you. To escape from prison in BitLife, you must block the security guard in the maze’s walls such that his range of motion is constrained. The guard can be imprisoned in a three-sided box in the Bitlife jail, and you can move swiftly in the direction of the escape.

It’s best to avoid leading a life of crime after you’re free. This is so that if you escape and are later captured again, the law will likely hand down a significantly heavier sentence. You will not only be given further sentences for any subsequent offenses but also extra time for evading arrest. In light of this, it is important to follow the law once you are released by securing a job that is entirely legit.

On the other hand, there are situations when it’s not a good idea to try the BitLife prison escape strategy. It’s just not worth the trouble if you’ve only served a few years in prison. If you manage to escape, you’ll spend the rest of your life on the run. If you don’t pass, your sentence will be extended by an additional year. As a result, it is preferable to simply sim through a brief period of imprisonment rather than running the chance of receiving more punishment.

Maximum Security Prison Guide

Different Types of Prisons

The difficulty of escaping prison in BitLife game is well-known to those who have played the game, which is why many players have recently asked about BitLife’s prison break. There are three different prison classifications in BitLife: minimum, medium, and maximum security prison. It’s important to note that every prison map is distinct. You can easily escape from BitLife’s low or medium prisons, but you’ll need to put in a lot of effort to do so if you’re in the maximum prison. For you to escape bitlife maximum you will need to train a lot or use our guide to help you.

The player can attempt to break out once a year. The player will have to play a minigame, which they can either skip right away once it begins. They cannot escape from jail that year again, but there will be no repercussions from this. The player must navigate the guard and reach the exit if they attempt to flee.

The player returns to prison with a few extra years added to their sentence and the felony “Attempted escape” if they lose the minigame and the guard captures them (or if they submit, an action available after making any move). If the player is successful, they will regain their freedom in the game to visit the casino and consult a doctor, as well as receive an award for escaping (if they have not gotten it yet). However, due to their criminal history, individuals might still be unable to adopt or work in particular occupations. If you never tried to escape prison, or you failed multiple times, don’t worry we are here to tell you how to escape prison in bitlife 6×6.

Prison Map (Escape BitLife Prison)

In BitLife, leading a criminal life can lead to terrible results, including the possibility of getting locked up. Fortunately, our BitLife prison escape guide will assist you in breaking free and returning to the vast text-based simulated universe. You may need to go through a lot of trial and error, but if you succeed, you will be able to escape the reach of the law. Do not forget to listen to the lobby music while you flee.

There is a way to accomplish it if you’ve had it with BitLife prison and want to try to leave early. You won’t always be successful, but in some circumstances, you’ll be able to regain your independence.

  • Tap the Prison menu located to the left of the Age button when you’re imprisoned.
  • When you select the Escape option, a grid-based minigame appears.
  • Your goal in this game is to get to before the prison guard finds you. The guard can move twice per turn while you can only make one. The goal is to trap the guard in one of the grid squares because he will always try to move horizontally.
  • So try to get the guard trapped so you can flee and escape. When the guard is immobile, you get to keep moving.
  • If you succeed, you will be released from jail but on the run. This implies that the police will be looking for you constantly and that you might be arbitrarily arrested at any time in the future.

Bitlife – Escape Prison Video Guide

Here are some map layout videos to help you escape jail…

Map 5×6 / 6×5

Map 6×6

Map 6×6 (Map 2)

BitLife Ribbons For Escaping

You can complete the actions listed here to obtain both the Jailbird and Houdini Ribbons. You will get these ribbons in bitlife, after your death.

  • Jailbird ribbon- This one is really simple; all you have to do is escape and enter the prison three or four times. Once you’ve completed that, simply sit in your jail and continue to age until you pass away! You should only need to complete that to obtain the Jailbird Ribbon!
  • Houdini ribbon- You’ll want to get arrested several times and escape as soon as possible. In your 60s, you can level up while not doing too much. Start robbing homes once you’ve done that to be caught. You will be arrested as a result, at which point you should escape prison. Do this a couple of times a year in your old age, and that should get you to the end and should get you the Houdini ribbon!

There are also two less-important prison ribbons in bitlife, the Scandalous Ribbon where you just have to sit for 5 years, and the Wasteful Ribbon where you need to be sentenced to death in prison. These are the bitlife ribbons.

BitLife Prison Riots

Prisoners riots are one aspect of prison in BitLife that isn’t primarily associated with escape. You can play these optional minigames to cause mayhem while incarcerated. While there is a very low probability of escaping during a riot, generally speaking, there are no special advantages to initiating one. As a result, you might take it into account when planning your BitLife prison break. This is how you do it:

  • Navigate the menu while imprisoned and select Riot.
  • After that, you’ll play a minigame in the style of Snake where you swipe across to assemble a crowd of prisoners ready to riot. Before the riot can begin, you must swipe your way past barriers and soldiers to the number 10.
  • When you have ten or more captives, the riot will start. You’ll see a fight between prisoner and guard sprites. People will usually fall on both sides of the conflict.
  • If you’re lucky, you’ll manage to break out of jail. If not, your sentence will probably be lengthened.

That is all there is to know about how the BitLife prison escape works. We’ve covered how to get out of jail, as well as some practical advice on avoiding arrest and how to flee during riots. We wish you luck as you try to get away from the BitLife police. Remember that after you’ve been to prison five times, you can join the Mafia after you get out to earn real money! You can check out our site for more guides as well!


What is the trick to escaping prison in BitLife? ›

There are several prison layouts in BitLife. The easiest ones are 4×4 layouts with minimum security while the toughest prisons with maximum security have an 8×8 layout. To escape, you must trap the guard within the walls and reach the exit before he catches you.

Can you escape prison by starting a riot in BitLife? ›

There is a very rare chance that your character will escape in a riot, If that happens, you gain an achievement!

What does crying in prison do in BitLife? ›

Getting caught crying loses respect. If your character passes, they will be out of prison and on the run. If they get caught or turn themselves in while trying to escape, they will have years added to their sentence for felony escape.

How do I adopt a child after escaping prison in BitLife? ›

If you want to adopt a child with a criminal record, you must emigrate to another country in Bitlife. They will not recognize you in the country you are moving to, and you can make a brand new start. Even if it is illegal, this is the surest method of adopting a child with a criminal record in Bitlife.

Can you fight crime in BitLife? ›

Randomly, the player gets prompted about someone committing a crime. The player can choose to ignore them, intervene, or call the police. If the player intervenes, they have a chance to get assaulted by the person committing the crime. After that, they can call the police on them, fight back, or run away.

How old do you have to be to commit a crime in BitLife? ›

When you create a new character in BitLife, age up until they turn eight years old. Once your character turns eight years old, you will unlock the ability to commit crimes. If your character is still young, you will not have the option to commit many other serious crimes such as murder, burglary or grand theft auto.

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